• ORHS Cross Country Update 9/25/2016

    Parents and Athletes:


    As we head into the last week of the term, here are some notes about the next several weeks of cross country.


    1)     Travel to Charlotte on Friday and Saturday.  The protests in Charlotte have occurred near the downtown and I-277 area of Charlotte, which are some distance away from our hotel in the Ballantyne area and from McAlpine Greenway Park in Matthews. I will monitor the situation, obviously, but I have few concerns at this time. The itinerary is posted to www.wildcatcrosscountry.org, along with race assignments for each of our runners. This is a very large and competitive meet on a very fast course, and we aim to do well.

    2)     Fall Break. We plan to practice on MWF from 8:00-10:00 AM during the first week of break, culminating in the Cherokee Invitational on Saturday, October 8, at Cherokee Boulevard in Knoxville. We will not practice during the second week of the break, though I will give each running group a training schedule that includes some rest and some work, depending on their end-of-season goals.

    3)     JV Last-Chance Meet. The last meet for those who do not make our top 10 for the Region 2 Championships will be on Tuesday, October 18, at 5:00 PM at RMS. We will host several area teams, including HVA, Farragut, and Maryville. After this meet, the JV season is complete.

    4)     Region2 Championship and State Championship. The Region Meet is at Victor Ashe Park on Thursday, October 27. Our top ten girls and top ten boys will run in this meet. We’d like for our JV to travel with the team, unless you need to remain in school that day. You will be excused from school. The State Meet is in Nashville on Saturday, November 5, for teams and individuals who qualify.

    5)     BSN Sports order. I know that we are still waiting on several items from BSN Sports. This isn’t unusual, although it is annoying.  I understand that those items are ready to ship and should be here soon.

    6)     Tutoring and Grades. I have been very pleased with the new tutoring program we’ve established with ORHS English teacher Kayla Gass. Not only has Ms. Gass helped several of our athletes to establish better academic habits through her tutoring, but also our team GPA looks to be the highest it’s ever been.


    Please let me know if you have questions. This is the most fun and competitive part of the season, and we are looking for PRs from everyone over the next two weeks!


    Best regards,



    Posted Sep 25, 2016, 4:44 AM by Allen Etheridge
  • Wendy's Entries

    9:00 AM Women’s Open High School Race (varsity)

    Genevieve Schwartz

    Robyn Wood

    Maddie Zawisza

    Jessie Strader

    Mollie Smith

    Bailey Baldwin

    Eden Gee


    9:30 AM Men’s Open High School Race (varsity)

    Jake Etheridge

    Will Jeter

    Reid Dukes

    Lil Country

    Christian Borden

    Jose Villegas

    Daeton Byars


    12:00 PM Men’s Individual Freshman/Sophomore HS Race (Individuals only)

    Balin Allred

    Jake Cheney

    Dalton Davis

    Matthew Finstad

    Mark Humphries

    Jos Jakowski

    Jean-Luc Julien

    Daniel Kass

    Bear Moran

    Jacob Norris

    Dillon Nowatchik

    Charli Rodriguez

    Henry Shen

    Kyle Wright


    12:30 PM Women’s Individual HS Race (Individuals only)

    Ruthie Froning

    Stephanie Byrd

    Claire Gibson

    Jena Hogan

    Rebecca Joyal

    Lesly Chavez

    Audrey Chrisman

    Rebekah Moran

    Kayla Pelletier

    Katie Hohimer

    Mazzie Zawisza


    1:00 PM Men’s Individual Junior/Senior HS Race (Individuals only)

    Asher Chance

    Nathan Carter

    Ethan Collier

    Brennan Jones

    Ryan Ochiltree

    Posted Sep 24, 2016, 10:44 AM by Allen Etheridge
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